A Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol

“The story begins nowadays in London, in a small, classic but newly refurbished house, during the Christmas Holidays. Alice and her family moved to this house fairly recently. She loves the house and the finishing touch of all her restoration is an old, big, beautiful fireplace, and that today this fireplace will be lit for the first time.”

“We see Alice. She lights the fire, smiles to herself as she imagines herself relaxing in front of it later, once the kids are fast asleep dreaming of reindeer and presents. Alice has two children, a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 8 years old.

It is Christmas Eve, Alice is waiting for her husband who is stuck in traffic from the airport (a business trip). Everywhere we can see traces of excitement about Christmas, the oven is on and meals are being prepared, the children are decorating the Christmas tree.

During the preparations, the children are running and laughing, going from room to room. At some point, we hear just silence. Alice is puzzled – this is something unusual. She goes to the room with the fireplace and sees a strange blue light and some ghostly glowing tentacles drawing back into the fireplace. The blue light is still present but fading. We can hear the voices of her children “Mum! Help us!”. In the last moment, just before the last rays of blue light fade out, she jumps towards the fireplace and is drawn through the conduit by the ghostly energy.”